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Annual Report

End-to-end solutions


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Le Havre, France: Containers being unloaded from Singapore

Financial Highlights

Profit Million CHF

bar chart Profit (Million CHF)

EBIT Million CHF

bar chart EBIT (Million CHF)


bar chart EBIDTA (Million CHF)

Net forwarding revenue Million CHF

bar chart Net forwarding revenue (Million CHF)

At a glance

A balanced and
diversified business

Air Freight

From paperless flights to temperature- controlled shipments, our experts deliver tailored transport services, worldwide and end-to-end.


thousand tons of air freight forwarded

Ocean Freight

Panalpina is one of the world's largest providers of ocean freight services and is present in all major cities and ports.


thousand TEUs of ocean freight forwarded


We create more value for our customers' supply chains through our integrated planning tools and Logistics Manufacturing Services.


lean certifications from Cardiff University

Energy Solutions

We offer integrated turnkey project logistics and forwarding management services to oil and gas customers and various other industries on a global scale.


locations focused on Energy Solutions

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We focus on
ten core industries


The automotive industry's complex supply systems pose a particular challenge and require expertise in information design, process planning and operations efficiency. Delivery of components from numerous companies in different countries must be carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process.


In today's competitive business environment, the chemical goods supply chain has become more complex, leading to increased logistics and transport spending due to rising labor costs, tightening security controls and environmental aspects.

and Retail

Today the supply chain environment and consequently the consumer and retail industry are facing different challenges than in the past. Sourcing has become global, distances longer and the economy more fragile. Furthermore, the industry is characterized by increasingly demanding and informed consumers.


We offer integrated turnkey project logistics and forwarding management services to Oil and Gas customers and various other industries on a global scale. We develop transportation solutions that are tailor-made for each project and allow fast and secure shipment.


The fashion industry has sophisticated and demanding consumers who require multi-channel offering, brand experience, personalization and increased product differentiation. This leads to shorter product life and increased need for innovation, flexibility and improvements in order fulfillment.


We offer end-to-end visibility and pro-active temperature monitoring and control to support the pharmaceutical industry including temperature controlled packaging solution, GDP validated processes with reliable transportation within our Charter Network and Supply Chain Optimization (SCO).


The hi-tech industry requires fast and reliable logistics chains that link the industry's key production sites with distribution channels throughout the world. We provide services to the semi-conductor, computer and electronics industries, alongside electronic manufacturing services.


In today's constantly evolving manufacturing landscape, enhanced demand variability challenges manufacturers to increasingly streamline their processes in order to remain competitive and drive business growth.


In an industry with demanding consumers who require a full range of products all year round, success relies on a logistics provider that can ensure optimized management of products all along the cool chain.


The growing importance of mobile high-bandwidth services – being connected anytime and anywhere, video communication, as well as media-driven entertainment – has stimulated and will continue to drive significant investments in wireless telecommunications infrastructures.

We keep the customer at center stage through regular strategic engagement, round-table discussions and workshops, enabling us to develop industry-specific solutions.

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A connected
global presence




offices worldwide


 people worldwide

Gross profit by region 2015

highlights pie - Gross profit by region 2015
  • Europe 37%
  • Americas 30%
  • APAC 24%
  • MEAC 9%

Highlights of the Year

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casestudy 01
Expanded Charter network

New service is added between Huntsville, US and São Paulo, Brazil; service is expanded between Luxembourg and Shanghai.

casestudy 02
New chemical competency center

A specialized center in Houston, US offers expertise in supply chain management and hazardous materials handling for the US market.

casestudy 03
New centers for Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS)

New LMS centers in Panama and Dubai handle assembly, testing, repair and return of telecommunications equipment.

casestudy 04
Acquisition of Airflo

Panalpina agrees to acquire a majority share in Airflo, a freight forwarder for flowers and vegetables with offices in Kenya and the Netherlands.

casestudy 05
UNICEF relief flight to Burundi

Panalpina charters and donates a flight to UNICEF with medical care goods and hospital equipment for Bujumbura, Burundi.

casestudy 06
Afifi acquisition

Panalpina acquires Afifi, its 20-year Egyptian partner with offices in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.

casestudy 07
Partnership with Spread Logistics

Panalpina partners with Hong Kong company Spread Logistics to manage failure analysis and return of consumer electronics.

casestudy 08
New offices in Myanmar, Kenya and Morocco

New offices in Myanmar, Kenya and Morocco offer air and ocean freight services in these expanding economies.

casestudy 09
Research partnership

Panalpina partners with Cardiff University to explore 3D printing solutions.



1,922M NFR

icon of man 4,763



2,339M NFR

icon of man 4,779



395M NFR

icon of man 1,604


Asia Pacific

1,199M NFR

icon of man 3,777

NFR : Net forwarding revenue (CHF)
icon of man : Full-time equivalent employees

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Chairman's statement

The company's financial position remains
strong and the Board is confident that Panalpina
is well positioned to successfully execute
on its strategy and deliver long-term value.
Rudolf W. Hug
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Download Chairman’s Statement

Rudolf W. Hug, Chairman

Case study

CASE STUDY: Fresh and timely, end-to-end

One of Panalpina's long-term clients is a Dutch exporter that supplies bell peppers year round to customers in North America. Once the Dutch pepper season finishes the Spanish season kicks in, but delivering Spanish peppers to far-flung destinations is not always straightforward. Back in December 2015, not enough air freight space was available to transport a huge volume of Spanish peppers directly to Canada.

Panalpina's response was to truck the peppers from Spain to its cool chain facility at Heathrow, scan, validate and repack them in smaller containers, and air freight them to Canada. The consignments arrived in Canada fresh and on time – managed end-to-end by Panalpina.

51° 28’ N, 0° 27’ W / 10:00 GMT

Spain: Peppers intended for Canada


From field
to shelf

Read the full case study

CASE STUDY: Dependable delivery across the globe

A client needed to send 27 radiant outlet manifolds from Britain to Canada – fast. The Canadian purchaser was doing its routine, triennial factory shutdown, and if the cargo was late the factory would have to wait three years for another chance to install the manifolds. But the purchaser had also made last-minute changes in the manufacturing process that delayed production beyond the deadline for ocean container shipment.

With commercial flights into Canada few and far between, the obvious but costly solution was to charter an Antonov An-124. Instead, Panalpina proposed transporting the 90-ton shipment in six separate flights utilizing the Group's Charter Network. The cargo was trucked from the UK to Luxembourg, flown to Huntsville, then trucked to Saskatchewan, Canada – arriving on time and under budget.

49° 37’ N, 6° 12’ E / 18:00 CET

Luxembourg: Cargo is loaded onto the Spirit of Panalpina

Air Freight

A controlled environment from door to door

Read the full case study

Chief Executive’s Review

Our strategy and priorities for 2016 are
clear: to focus on opportunities that will
drive growth organically, by way of
acquisitions and through innovation,
and to continue to improve productivity
and optimize costs across all businesses
and geographies.
Peter Ulber
Chief Executive Officer

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Peter Ulber, CEO


Annual Report 2015

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